Clare R - Morningside, QLD

"Excellent service - thank you!!"

Deirdre C - Leesburg, Virginia

"Wonderful! Easy to understand even though topic was challenging"

Elizabeth N - HASLETT, Michigan

"This was the first CE course I took through PESI. I was very impressed with your organization and all of the encounters with staff, technology, web interface. Very professional and friendly. Great job. Thanks!"

Amanda K - MCHENRY, Illinois

"By far one of the best seminar I have attended. The presenter connected with the audience and was inspiring. VERY WELL DONE. Thank you for everything you have done to contribute to our field."

Amarilis L - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Excellent presentation "

Sally K - WINTERVILLE, Georgia

"polyvagal theory validates my years of clinical intuition. many thanks"

Lynn W - ANNAPOLIS, Maryland

"Outstanding and astounding information. Porges is a stunning presenter."

Kathleen S - SILVER SPRING, Maryland

"Very interesting material that strongly pertains to what makes a successful therapist and therapy experience"

Christina N - Hagerstown, Maryland

"Very pleased with the program. Presenter was excellent. Very organized. Powerpoint slides very helpful. First time taking doing a live webinar presentation and I will do so again. No problems. I liked the ability to follow the powerpoint slides along with the presenter. "

Karen C - NEW MARKET, Maryland

"A fantastic course! This was a great day and I learned so much."