Kara C - DUBUQUE, Iowa

"Excellent course with a lot of useful information. Much appreciated."

Kristie C - SKANEATELES, New York

"This was a great seminar. I have learned so much from this course."

Gloria G - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Excellent job at getting audience members to use the mic so we could hear the questions and feedback. Also did a great job of summarizing when an audience member went on too long. Great command of content and audience. High level of skill in documentation was evident in examples and practice included in presentation. Of all the PESI and other online courses I've taken, this is the best one! Highly engaging even though I took it online which is not my method of choice. Thank you!!"

Amy B - HARBOR SPRINGS, Michigan

"This course was very good but I would not recommend taking a lengthy course on line again. It was very difficult to complete the course while working and I think much harder to follow on line then it would be in person. "

Adam R - BERKELEY, California

"A daunting but excellent course."

Matthew P - BALTIMORE, Maryland

"She is a great speaker, really knows documentation."

Shirley M - Gresham, Oregon

"One of the best workshops I’ve completed. Loved that she followed her syllabus."

Patti J - Hermantown, Minnesota

"Presenter was organized and knowledgeable"

Sandra A - WESTWOOD, New Jersey

"very practical & useful I am swamped with paperwork at my clinic this helps me organize and save time "

Kelcie H - Anchorage, Alaska

"I loved the training!"