Jennifer B - OXFORD, Mississippi


Megan F - Alpharetta, Georgia

"Very informative and speaker did an excellent job of keeping interest and applying material and knowledge to professional contexts. He took time to thoroughly answer questions from audience."

Kathryn H - Bluffton, South Carolina

"This was one of the best CEU courses I have taken, live or webinar version. Even though there was a lot of material, the way it was organized helped with retention and understanding. Furthermore, he presented information in a way that I can directly apply into my clinical practice. I find that many courses skim over documentation, insurance/billing, and boundaries for scope of practice. He covered all!"

Roni P - Satellite Beach, Florida

"This was one of the best classes I have taken. There was so much good information and helpful information that can be used in practice. Great course!"

Nancy L - Columbus, Georgia

"Good sense of humor was integrated into presentation along with quality information."

Kim D - Rocky Hill, Connecticut

"Great job! When I can walk away from a course with a few kids in mind, then it made a difference/impact. "

Gerardo S - GLENDALE, California

"Great course, very informative to my practice."

Sheila C - STATEN ISLAND, New York

"Enjoyed seminar, learned much information."

Terri B - GRAND ISLAND, New York

"Helpful. Will be able to use immediately in my practice. "

Debra Z - COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado

"This was an extremely valuable and educational course that I would recommend to any therapist looking to gain more confidence in the scope of vision rehab. Robert did an amazing job making the entire presentation engaging and relevant to current practice with real-life examples throughout. "