Jim R - FOUNTAIN, Colorado

"thanks for letting veterans attend these for free!"

Donna G - SAN DIEGO, California

"Great Training and Great Trainer"

Robin T - RED BLUFF, California

"I thought this was very well done and extremely timely as well as kept me interested - meaning I didn't want to miss anything. Great job."

Scott D - RENO, Nevada

"Its annoying how many questions you ask. "


"Thank you so much! I learned a great deal today. I was initially fearful of hearing horror stories and not being able to sleep as i have children and grandchildren but it ended up being so insightful and educational that I am now more equipped to prevent teach and help others. It was worth facing my fears today. "

Christine W - COLVILLE, Washington

"We didn't need 15 minutes per case study. That seemed awfully long to figure out the needs."

Susan R - RANCHO CUCAMONGA, California


Clairressa G - MEMPHIS, Tennessee

"Very interesting presentation. Learned a lot. Quiz was too long and the multiple choice items are written in a font that this too light making them are to see, please make them darker"

Megan M - TACOMA, Washington

"It would be helpful to have more info about immigration relief provided to foreign national survivors (T-visa, U-visa, Continued Presence) and the agencies that are involved in prosecution (U.S. Attorney, local law enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations). Also, the slides we were sent by PESI did not match the slides the presenter used. Data on the slides we received was from 2017. The presenter used data from 2019. Overall very informative despite these small feedback tips!"

Lisa M - RENO, Nevada

"Too many evaluation questions."