Alison P - LONDONDERRY, New Hampshire

"Great insight to various temperament and personality types in approaching depression and anxiety treatment ."

Amy C - WILMINGTON, Delaware

"Excellent presentation. Thank you!"

Allen W - LAGUNA WOODS, California

"Very good presentation by a knowledgeable and prepared psychologist"

Glenda B - WINNETT, Montana


Lorraine B - Terryville, Connecticut

"excellent.well presented. thorough"

miriam b - NEEDHAM, Massachusetts

"Great course! Learned a lot from it and feel like there was a lot of information form the presnetation"

Liqun H - Shanghai, Shanghai


Shelly K - MERRIMAC, Massachusetts

"I thought the course was excellent, provided a ton of relevant and useful information. I think this course would be a good two-day course as well as there is so much valuable information presented."

Patricia M - STAUNTON, Virginia

"I was very pleased with the breadth and depth of this presentation."

Mary J - DENVER, Colorado

"The references for apps were great, as was reading list and various books mentioned in the course of the presentation. These were like icing on the cake, as I felt that the presentation as a whole was definitely one of the better I have I have seen. "