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The Chronic Pain Tool Box: Effective Interventions for Treating Complex Chronic Pain



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BONUS | Opioids and Chronic Pain

The opioid epidemic is spilling into consulting rooms as more therapists encounter clients overusing these dangerous medicines to treat their chronic pain. Although behavioral interventions are the treatment of choice for pain, prescriptions for opioids—the least effective and riskiest treatment option—continue to rise.

Led by a therapist and a physician, this workshop recording digs into the epidemic, and the mindfulness and CBT approaches that bring dramatic improvements to people with pain.  

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  1. Discover what’s behind the opioid misuse/chronic pain link and how to reduce your clients’ reliance on opioids
  2. Discover how to better understand and address clients’ fears and feelings by recognizing the intersecting neurophysiology of pain and opioid misuse
  3. Discover how to help clients use cutting-edge, evidence-based tools to treat chronic pain, like modifying thought distortions, decatastrophizing, imagery and breathing






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Opioids & Chronic Pain

Behavioral Treatment of Chronic Pain

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