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Spanish for HealthCare Professionals

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Lesson 1: How to learn Spanish, alphabet & cognates


Lesson 2: Numbers and Nouns


Lesson 3: Food, clothes, admitting questions


Lesson 4: Parts of the Body, verb conjugation


Lesson 5: Colors, physical assessment questions


Lesson 6: Family, irregular verbs, skin system


Lesson 7: Ser/Estar, respiratory system


Lesson 8: Hobbies, directions, CV system, diagnostic tests       


Lesson 9: Telling time, gastrointestinal system


Lesson 10:  Quick phrases, emotions, professions, GU system


Lesson 11:  Animals, opposites, musculoskeletal system  


Lesson 12:  Medical equipment, specialists, reproductive system


Lesson 13:  Gustar- like verbs, vital signs, patient hygiene, administering med


Lesson 14: Reflexive verbs


Lesson 15:  Body language, cultural competence, CAM


Lesson 16:  Final scenarios, commands & emergency phrases


Lesson 1: How to Learn Spanish, Alphabet, and Cognates

Lesson 2: Numbers and Nouns

Lesson 3: Food, Clothes, and Admitting Questions

Lesson 4: Parts of the Body and Verb Conjugation

Lesson 5: Colors and Physical Assessment Questions

Lesson 6: Family, Irregular Verbs, and the Integumentary System

Lesson 7: Ser/Estar and Respiratory System

Lesson 8: Hobbies, Directions, CV System, and Diagnostic Tests

Lesson 9: Telling Time and the Gastrointestinal System

Lesson 10: Quick Phrases, Emotions, Professions, and the Genitourinary System

Lesson 11: Animals, Opposites, and the Musculoskeletal System  

Lesson 12: Medical Equipment, Specialists, and the Reproductive System

Lesson 13: Gustar- like Verbs, Vital Signs, Patient Hygiene, and Administering Medications

Lesson 14: Reflexive Verbs and Assessment Questions

Lesson 15: Body Language, Cultural Competence, and Complementary Alternative Medicine

Lesson 16: Final Scenarios, Commands, and Emergency Phrases

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