Psychotherapy in Australia - February 1997

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The Quest for Closure: Exploring Therapy and Technologies of the Self
by Hilary Armstrong

Psychology and the Search for Respectability or Should Psychologists call themselves "Doctor"?
by Peter G. Hands

Whence and Whither?
by Bernard Boas

Frank's Folly (fiction)
by Ivan Milton

Systemic Dysfunction Among Therapists
by Jeffrey Kottler

The Connectedness Within Me: An Interview with Rural Counsellor Jenny Monson
by Maureen and Hugh Crago

Ground Control to Major John: the Earthlings and Landing
by Erica Travers

Theory and Practice of Early Intervention in Trauma
by Rob Gordon

Dealing with a Trauma: a Competence Perspective
by Paul Heinrich

Psychological Treatments of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
by Richard A. Bryant

Eriksonian Hypnotherapy
by Robert McNeilly