Experiential Psychotherapy with Couples

A Guide for the Creative Pragmatist
Rob Fisher
Zeig, Tucker & Theisen 2002
ISBN 9781891944970


Ever read a book or attended a workshop and thought that the ideas were great, but then were lost when you tried to apply them yourself? This phenomenon seems to be particularly common in the field of psychotherapy. The charisma effect: when the words sound convincing and the teacher teaches well, but the concepts disintegrate in practice.

Well, now Rob Fisher steps forward with a new book entitled Experiential Psychotherapy with Couples: A Guide for the Creative Pragmatist, in which he not only describes the approach, he explains step by step how to put it into action. Depth and brevity are the two guideposts of the writing, and ample case material and innovative exercises clarify the experiential techniques presented as well as their underlying principles. Fisher's approach helps to move clients (and therapists) from insight to impact. By engaging the couple's negative interactive impulses thoughtfully rather than denying their purpose, opportunities arise to shift them toward creating a more satisfying and balanced relationship.

For therapists of any discipline, this book simultaneously offers practical ways both to understand and to intervene with couples across several dimensions. Since issues exist on many levels, so too should therapy if it is to be truly effective and enduring. Rob Fisher's goal? For readers not only to find the book 'interesting', but for them to be able to customise and employ what they learn to evolve their own clinical practice.

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