Managing Child Welfare and Protection Services

Managing Child Welfare and Protection Services
Paul Harrison
Russell House Publishing Ltd 2009
ISBN 9781905541522


Managers must be held to account for failings in childcare services, and must take responsibility for the provision of strong leadership and the effective and appropriate operation of their departments. High profile tragedies and scandals (Victoria Climbie and Baby P, for example in England, and mirrored elsewhere) remind us of the crucial importance of striving for good management. But they also show that it can easily be forgotten amidst the higher profile debates in academia, politics and media over the broad sweep of government policy and the arresting detail of neglect, abuse and death. Undoubtedly practice and management are inextricably linked; yet, like both ends of a telescope, they have an entirely different view of the world. This book views pertinent and emerging issues in child welfare and protection from a management perspective, with the aspiration of helping management do better.

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