Bipolar 101

A Practical Guide to Identifying Triggers, Managing Medications, Coping with Symptoms, and More
Ruth White and John Preston
New Harbinger Publications,U.S. 2009
ISBN 9781572245600


Author Ruth White reports that, when she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder (BD), she was given some pamphlets and a list of large, expensive books it was suggested she buy, and she felt overwhelmed and frustrated. She wanted a small, short, precise book that would tell her right away what to do to control her symptoms, and she never did find such a book. This is the book she wishes she had right after she was diagnosed. The book walks the reader through the ten most important steps to getting control over their BD. These steps are not new, but the format of the book is new. By packaging these steps in a small book that is immediately accessible and helpful, the bipolar sufferer no longer has to wade through hundreds of pages of text for the information they need.

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