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  • EMOTION-FOCUSED THERAPY FOR GENERALIZED ANXIETY by Jeanne Watson and Leslie Greenberg RRP $138.95 Our Price $99.95
  • BIPOLAR, NOT SO MUCH Understanding Your Mood Swings and Depression by James Phelps and Chris Aiken RRP$32.95 Our Price $29.66
  • REFLECTIVE PRACTICE IN SUPERVISION (TEXT AND TOOLKIT SET) by Daphne Hewson and Michael Carroll RRP $59.95 Our Price $48.95
  • AUTISM AND THE FAMILY Understanding and Supporting Parents and Siblings RRP $49.95 Our Price $44.96
  • OVERRIDE: My Quest to Discover the Truth About Brain Training and Rewire My Imperfect Mind by Caroline Williams RRP $32.95 Our Price $29.65
  • ATTACHMENT DISTURBANCES IN ADULTS by Daniel Brown et al. RRP $67.95 Our Price $59.95
  • NARRATIVE THERAPY IN WONDERLAND by David Marsten, David Epston and Laurie Markham RRP $49.95 Our Price $44.96
  • TREATING TRAUMA-RELATED DISSOCIATION by Kathy Steele, Onno van der Hart and Suzette Boon RRP $72.95 Our Price $65.65
  • MINDFULNESS SKILLS FOR TRAUMA AND PTSD Practices for Recovery and Resilience by Rachel Goldsmith Turow RRP $39.95 Our Price $35.96
  • EMDR - UPDATED EDITION by Francine Shapiro and Margot Silk Forrest RRP $39.95 Our Price $35.96
  • SHAME AND THE ORIGINS OF SELF-ESTEEM: A Jungian Approach by Mario Jacoby RRP $72.95 Our Price $65.65
  • MIND: A JOURNEY TO THE HEART OF BEING HUMAN by Daniel Siegel RRP $39.95 Our Price $33.96
  • THE POST-TRAUMATIC GROWTH WORKBOOK by Richard Tedeschi and Bret Moore RRP $43.95 Our Price $39.55
  • FIT TO PRACTICE: Starting Your Own Psychology Practice in Australia by Kaye Frankcom, Bruce Stevens, Philip Watts RRP $29.95 Our Price $26.96
  • REBUILDING: When Your Relationship Ends - Fourth Edition by Bruce Fisher and Robert Alberti RRP $37.95 Our Price $28.46
  • WHY WON'T YOU APOLOGIZE? Healing Big Betrayals and Everyday Hurts by Harriet Lerner RRP $42.95 Our Price $38.66
  • OVERCOMING THE DESTRUCTIVE INNER VOICE: True Stories of Therapy, Discovery, and Transformation by Robert Firestone RRP $35.95 Our Price $32.36
  • MINDFUL REMINDERS CARD DECK: 52 Powerful Practices for Adults by Christopher Willard and Mitch Abblett RRP $29.95 Our Price $26.96
  • BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER TOOLBOX: A Practical Evidence-Based Guide to Regulating Intense Emotions by Jeff Riggenbach RRP $51.95 Our Price $46.76
  • 70 PLAY ACTIVITIES FOR BETTER THINKING, SELF-REGULATION, LEARNING AND BEHAVIOR by Lynne Kenney and Rebecca Comizio RRP $49.95 Our Price $44.96
  • YOGA AND MINDFULNESS PRACTICES FOR CHILDREN CARD DECK by Jennifer Cohen Harper and Karen Gilmour RRP $37.95 Our Price $34.16
  • 150 MORE GROUP THERAPY ACTIVITIES AND TIPS by Judith Belmont RRP: $56.95 Our Price: $48.41
  • SELF-COMPASSION FOR TEENS: 129 Activities and Practices to Cultivate Kindness by Lee-Anne Gray RRP $52.95 Our Price $47.66
  • THE TEENAGE BODY BOOK: Revised and Updated Edition by Kathy McCoy RRP $34.95 Our Price $26.21

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